About Altair

Nothing is as rich as language. For what is communication without the power of bringing the message across through the very words we speak. This blog is all about describing the beauty, diversity, misconception, evolution and anything about language. As the world changes, so does language. The need to learn and acquire the skills of speaking different languages is now the new in. Monolingualism is out of the loop and other languages are competing for resources.

About the Writers

David Grad has been teaching English as a Second Language in the UK for the last 8 years. His main passion is incorporating English to the present cultural setting and has successfully written curriculum for beginners to advanced level based on authentic learning. His classes sought after but he finds time to write and share his thoughts, particularly in the evolution of the English language.

Connie Spade is a linguist. She can speak and write French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and of course English. Her passion for learning never ceases. In fact, she has developed the interest in Hangeul, the written alphabet of Koreans. She insists that she is not the nerdy type. She owns a Labrador retriever and her friend David suggests teaching the dog new tricks that is, to bark in English. Hah.


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